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Atlas Copco – Screw Air Compressor VSD – 30 kW – GA 30 VSD

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Atlas Copco’s GA VSD range brings a game-changing innovation to the general industry.

Atlas Copco’s GA Variable Speed Drive (VSD ) technology closely matches the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed.

Combined with the innovative design of the iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, this results in average energy savings of 50% and an average cut of 37% in the lifecycle cost of a compressor.

VSD works with permanent, in-house designed permanent magnet motors.

Why Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive technology?
• On average 50% energy savings with an extensive flow range (20-100%).
• Integrated Elektronikon® Graphic controller controls the motor speed and high efficiency frequency inverter.
• No wasted idling times or blow-off losses during operation.
• Compressor can start/stop under full system pressure without the need to unload with special VSD motor.
• Eliminates peak current penalty during start-up.
• Minimizes system leakage due to a lower system pressure.
• EMC Compliance to directives (2004/108/EG).
Compared to fixed speed compressors, based on measurement performed by an independent energy audit agency.


– Maximum working pressure: 12.5 Bar
– Capacity free air delivery at 7 bar: 97.4 l/s
– Engine specifications: 40 hp / 30 kW
– Voltage: 400/3/50
– Noise level: 67dB
Suitable in industrial applications.

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Atlas Copco’s GA VSD range brings a game-changing innovation to the general industry

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With its innovative vertical design, Atlas Copco’s GA 7-75 VSD brings a game-changing revolution in the compressor industry.
It offers Variable Speed Drive as standard, a compact motor and footprint thanks to its in-house design and iPM (Permanent Magnet) technology.
The GA 7-75 VSD reduces energy consumption by on average 50%, with uptimes assured even in the harshest operational conditions.
The GA 7-75 VSD is the air compressor of the future, designed in-house by Atlas Copco.
It will set a new standard for years to come, positioning Atlas Copco as a leader in the Compressed Air Industry.

Additional information

Weight 277 kg

Atlas Copco


400V / 50Hz / 3 Phase

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