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Why choose Air & Lift Gear for your next air compressor?

Air & Lift Gear has over 25 years of experience in the air business.

We listen to your needs and offer real solutions to meet those needs.

Air & Lift Gear offers a vast range of air compressors and air dryers suited to many different commercial, domestic and industrial requirements. We are proud partners of leading air compressor manufacturers and brands such as Atlas Copco, Ross and Alliance.

Whatever your budget or compressed air requirements, Air & Lift Gear offers multiple options for you.

Contact our team for more information today.

Why choose Air & Lift Gear for your next air compressor?

Air & Lift Gear supplies piston, rotary screw and variable speed compressors that are designed for superior performance in the harshest conditions. Our experienced technicians can also install, repair and provide regular maintenance for your air compressor units.

  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Compressed air specialists
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Servicing both the domestic & commercial markets
  • Sunshine Coast & from North Brisbane to Gympie
  • Stocks an extensive range
  • Service of air compressors, air tools & pneumatics

Air & Lift Gear has an extensive range of stocked products and catalogues to find those Air Accessories that are hard to get

Along with air tools, we also stock a wide range of accessories, essential to keeping your equipment operating at peak performance. Air & Lift Gear carries a range of air exhaust filters to reduce air exhaust noise in sizes from 1/8″ to 2″. We also sell tune-up kits for a range of impact wrenches, along with impact tool oil and lubricators.

Air Filtration

Air & Lift Gear stocks high-quality compressed filtration products. These filtration products are designed for a wide range of industrial, domestic and commercial applications. These high- efficiency filtration products provide oil free-compressed air and superb filtration, ensuring quality air for manufacturing and spraying in conjunction with many other purposes. Depending upon user needs, these filtration products come in a range of sizes.

Air Hose & Clamps

We carry an extensive range of quality air hoses in various lengths and diameters to suit all industrial requirements. Whether you are after fine air hoses of diameters as small as 4mm, or a high-flow 25mm hose, we have all your air hose needs covered. We stock rolls of PVC Ultraflex air hosing from 20m to 300m in length, as well as air hoses complete with quick connect fittings and claw coupling hose assemblies up to 20m in length. Air & Lift Gear also stocks a range of claw coupling parts including, hose tails, lock pins, clamps and male and female threads.

ALL compressed air systems should have a dryer!

  • Why do we need to dry compressed air?
  • Why does compressed air contain moisture?
  • What does dew point mean exactly?

All atmospheric air contains some water vapour, which will begin to condense into liquid water in the compressed air or gas system when the air or gas cools past the saturation point, i.e. the point where it can hold no more water vapour. The temperature at which this happens is known as the dew point. This dew point becomes all-important in determining how much drying is needed.

The air we compress contains moisture. Moisture does not compress like air. When we take a volume of air, say 100 litres and reduce it to 10 litres, it has the same amount of water. The water will now condense and become apparent and we see this as droplets in compressed air.

Dew point (pressure dew point)

The dew point is how we measure how dry the air is. It is NOT an indication of the air temperature. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture becomes apparent.

Moisture is damaging

Moisture in compressed air used in a manufacturing plant causes problems in the operation of pneumatic air systems, solenoid valves and air motors. This moisture causes rust and increased wear of moving parts as it washes away lubrication.

Moisture adversely affects the colour, adherence, and finish of paints applied by compressed air. Moisture jeopardises process industries where many operations are dependent upon the proper functioning of pneumatic controls. The malfunctioning of these controls caused by rust, scale, and clogged orifices can result in damage to product or in costly shutdowns.

Additionally, the freezing of moisture in control lines in cold weather commonly causes faulty operation of controls. Corrosion of air or gas operated instruments from moisture can give false readings, interrupting or shutting down plant processes.

Air & Lift Gear is the expert in understanding your requirements and the right dryer for your application and budget.

The selection of an air dryer is done best by a professional, such as Air & Lift Gear, that knows or learns your particular end uses, the amount of moisture, which each use can tolerate and the amount of moisture that needs to be removed to achieve this level.

Air that may be considered dry for one application, may not be dry enough for another. Dryness is relative.

Even the desert has moisture. There is always some moisture present in a compressed air system regardless of the degree of drying. Different types of dryers, therefore, are available with varying degrees of pressure dew point ability.

To specify a dew point lower than required for an application is not good engineering practice. Naming a pressure dew point is how to state the degree of dryness wanted. It may result in more costly equipment and greater operating expense.

Air & Lift Gear can supply the right dryer for your application and budget.

  • Stand alone refrigerant air dryer
  • Inbuilt Full Feature (FF). Our compressors come with the option of an integrated dryer. The advantage of this is the air that leaves the compressor is already dry. Footprint is reduced & so is power supply & monitoring

Reliable dependable quality air fittings ... why wouldn't you get them from Air and Lift Gear?

Compressed Air Line Installations

A properly designed air line network can greatly increase the efficiency and performance of your compressed air system. At Air & Lift Gear, we have more than 25 years’ experience in air line design and installations, and we can custom design an air line network to suit your needs. If your business relies on air compressors, it is vital that they are installed correctly. Our expert team can take care of the installation of your compressed air system. We will set up your equipment, using quality airlines and fittings, so that it runs efficiently and keeps your operating costs to a minimum.

Maxair Compressed Air Pipe Systems

The Maxair range is a PE100 compressed air pipe system that outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance, compatibility with compressor oils and ease of installation and alteration.

The advantages of the Maxair PE100 compressed air pipe system include:

  • Meets or exceeds all relevant Australian standards
  • Food Grade material — suitable for breathing air
  • Smooth bore — higher flow rates, due to less friction
  • Cleaner & dryer air supply — less condensation build-up than steel systems
  • Resistant to compressor oils & a wide range of chemicals
  • Higher pressure rating — 16 bar with a 2:1 safety factor
  • Simple & fast to install
  • Easy to alter or adapt — under-pressure connection fittings available
  • Wide range of pipe sizes — 20mm to 250mm
  • 50-year guarantee

Air Tool Brands we recommend and you can trust

Air & Lift Gear supplies and services the leading brands of quality air tools:

  • Shinano
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Toku
  • Star
  • ReCoila
  • KC Tools
  • Air Boy

Heavy-duty industrial air tools designed for strength and durability.

Air & Lift Gear supplies, certifies and services most brands of quality air tools. We specialise in heavy-duty industrial air tools designed for strength and durability.

No matter what your workshop or repair needs are, we carry a vast selection of professional and hardwearing air tools with the versatility to suit all types of industries. We carry everything from air-powered impact wrenches, drills and sanders to automotive tools and compressed air-powered construction tools.

Impact wrench range

Our impact wrench range includes everything from lightweight tools of 15-160lb (20-217Nm) torque, right up to heavy-duty air wrenches boasting 5000ft-lb (6779Nm) torque.

We also stock other air tools including:

  • Impact wrench kits
  • Mini tools
  • Ratchet wrenches
  • Grinders
  • Screw drivers
  • Drills
  • Needle scalers
  • Orbital & straight line sanders
  • Polishers
  • Buffers
  • Reciprocating saws
  • Nibblers
  • Air shears
  • Paving breakers
  • Chippers & other air demolition tools

Come in and see the team at Air & Lift Gear. We have the knowledge and experience to find the perfect tools for your home or business requirements. Our company stocks all the top brands, so you know if you are buying from us you are assured.

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