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Over 25 years in the Lifting Equipment game ... talk to us now

Air & Lift Gear is a lifting equipment specialist supplying and servicing the following industry leading brands:

Industry leading brands:

  • Beaver Brands
  • East West
  • Hitachi
  • Lindsell
  • Jarrett
  • Pacific Hoists
  • PWB Anchor
  • Reid
  • Rud
  • Superlift


Lifting Products:

  • Chain slings
  • Round & flat lifting slings
  • Chain blocks
  • Chains, hooks & shackles
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Electric winches from 12 volt to single & 3-phase models
  • Pallet trolleys up to 2.5 tonnes
  • Heavy duty platform trolleys available in various lifting heights
  • Jacks & jack stands

The team at Air & Lift Gear are experts in lifting equipment for all types of industries including the engineering, construction and building sectors.

We conduct onsite inspections for your lifting gear. Our team can also repair any faults and re-certify if necessary.

Beaver Polyester Round Sling and Flat Webbing Sling Guide


They’re a great tool to have in any industry, because they’re light, soft, and versatile.

This means you can move them around with little hassle and without damage to the item being lifted.

Round Slings stretch at half the rate of nylon rigging straps.

The main configurations for a Round Sling is an endless configuration.

Endless configuration Round Slings are more versatile because the connection and load contact points can be rotated, enhancing sling service life.

A key advantage for Round Slings is in their production which allows many slings to be made simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

Generally due to the lower manufacturing cost the Round Slings can be less expensive than nylon rigging straps.

Round Slings are comprised of multiple winding’s of polyester yarn, making the sling body soft and supple.

Round Slings are less susceptible to locking to the load or binding at the point of choke when used in a choker hitch.

Air & Lift Gear - RoundSling


Flat Webb slings are a flexible, yet strong alternative to many of the other pieces of lifting equipment on the market.

The Flat Webb slings are generally made from polyester providing a softer material for your lift to ensure you minimise any damage to the product you are lifting.

Although it may seem like the safer option going for stronger wire ropes, webbing slings have a number of advantages.

Their lightweight nature makes them easy to transport and rig for lifting and lowering your loads.

Despite its lighter nature, it is still able to handle heavy loads and a great deal of pressure.

Due to their stretch characteristics, webbing slings are shock absorbent as well and don’t corrode or rust.

With their wide bearing surface, they can easily wrap around and protect the load that they are managing, and as they are flexible webbing slings suffer from minimal twisting or spinning.

They’re a great tool to have in any industry, because they’re light, soft, and versatile.


Air & Lift Gear - Flat Sling
Beaver Grade 80 Chain Slings Guide


Chain slings provide strength and dependability.

Chain slings can be used to lift very heavy and bulky loads on a regular or repetitive basis.

Chain slings are preferred in high-temperature applications and for lifting heavy-duty loads.

Can be used in foundries, steel mills, heavy machine shops, and any other environment where repetitive lifts or harsh conditions would damage or destroy a wire rope sling or synthetic sling.

Chain slings can be configured in single-leg, 2-leg, 3-leg, and 4-leg designs.

Not effected by dust, dirt and harsh conditions like synthetic slings.

Chat with our expert staff to determine the right chain sling for your working environment

Air & Lift Gear - Quad Leg Chain Self Locking
Beaver Grade S Shackles Guide

Air & Lift Gear stocks the Shackles you need for your lifting job.

The D shackle (commonly seen when towing) connects the lifting device and the load to be lifted in a straight-line pull.

These shackles are often used for towing and are easily connected to the chains of your trailer’s. It is common for heavier trailers to have two chains which should be crossed to allow the trailer hitch to be caught in the X in the event the hitch jumps off the tow ball. The X should prevent the trailer hitch digging into the road.

The pin of the D shackle allows for easy connection to a variety of equipment.


The pin can be removed to slip straps, or looped rope through the shackle or, with the pin in place, attach hooks.

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