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Flat Webb slings are a flexible, yet strong alternative to many of the other pieces of lifting equipment on the market.

The Flat Webb slings are generally made from polyester providing a softer material for your lift to ensure you minimise any damage to the product you are lifting.

Although it may seem like the safer option going for stronger wire ropes, webbing slings have a number of advantages.

Their lightweight nature makes them easy to transport and rig for lifting and lowering your loads.

Despite its lighter nature, it is still able to handle heavy loads and a great deal of pressure.

Due to their stretch characteristics, webbing slings are shock absorbent as well and don’t corrode or rust.

With their wide bearing surface, they can easily wrap around and protect the load that they are managing, and as they are flexible webbing slings suffer from minimal twisting or spinning.

They’re a great tool to have in any industry, because they’re light, soft, and versatile.


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