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They’re a great tool to have in any industry, because they’re light, soft, and versatile.

This means you can move them around with little hassle and without damage to the item being lifted.

Round Slings stretch at half the rate of nylon rigging straps.

The main configurations for a Round Sling is an endless configuration.

Endless configuration Round Slings are more versatile because the connection and load contact points can be rotated, enhancing sling service life.

A key advantage for Round Slings is in their production which allows many slings to be made simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

Generally due to the lower manufacturing cost the Round Slings can be less expensive than nylon rigging straps.

Round Slings are comprised of multiple winding’s of polyester yarn, making the sling body soft and supple.

Round Slings are less susceptible to locking to the load or binding at the point of choke when used in a choker hitch.

Air & Lift Gear - RoundSling
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