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Why choose Air & Lift Gear for your next air compressor?

Lifting Inspections

Get your lifting equipment inspection and onsite testing to ensure that your equipment remains compliant to Australian safety regulations.

Call us on (07) 5443 9633 or complete the form below.

All lifting equipment is subject to very strict industry regulations, which is why we conduct periodic inspections and load testing of lifting equipment, to ensure that your gear remains compliant to Australian safety standards.

Our team can also repair any faults and re-certify if necessary.

How often do you need to have lifting gear inspected?

  • In service — a visual inspection prior to each use
  • Periodic — periodic inspections are a more careful & detailed inspection by a trained & verified inspector (these inspections are documented)

Periodic inspection frequencies to meet Australian safety standards

  • Synthetic slings — every 3 months
  • Winches, blocks & hoists — every 12 months for general use
  • Chain & wire rope slings — every 12 months for general use

How do you get your lift gear professionally inspected and certified?

Lifting gear can be brought into Air & Lift Gear:

Address: 4 Kayleigh Drive, Maroochydore
Phone: (07) 5443 9633
Hours: Monday — Friday 8.00am — 5.00 pm

For your convenience, Air & Lift Gear also provides onsite inspections.

Call us or complete the enquiry form to arrange a convenient time.

Sling Inspections - Air & Lift Gear - Sunshine Coast


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